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    A World of Silicone Prosthesis We are one of the best fabricators of the most lifelike Silicone prosthesis. Where optimization of aesthesis is being combined with function Providing ultimate Patient Satisfaction. Our highly efficient and skilled team comprising die-hard prosthetist, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, Anaplastologist, Ocularist under the continuous guidance of Orthopedic and Plastic Surgeons, doing their best for optimum result.

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    An orthotic appliance used to support, align prevent, or correct deformities of a body part, or improve the function of moveable parts of the body.

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    Tuesday, April 16, 2019


    The world's most realistic bionic hand sleek, stylish and cutting-edge in both layout and technology. The bebionic variety pushes the boundaries of multi-articulating myoelectric arms. As the world's most realistic, functional and easy to use myoelectric hand commercially available these days, bebionic is comfortable, unique and intuitive for patients, transforming the lives and skills of amputees around the world— from helping them carry out simple tasks like tying shoelaces to giving them back their control and their delight.
    Bebionic utilises leading-edge technology and precise, ergonomic features that make it in contrast to any other hand available. these innovations combine to offer the hand unrivalled versatility, capability and overall performance.
    • individual motors in each finger will let you move the hand and grip in a natural, coordinated manner. The motors are placed to optimise weight distribution — making the hand feel lighter and more comfortable.
    • powerful microprocessors constantly monitor the position of every finger, giving you precise, reliable control over hand movements.
    • 14 Selectable grip patterns and hand positions enable you to perform a huge number of regular activities effortlessly.
    • Proportional pace control offers you precision control over delicate tasks, so you can pick up an egg or hold a polystyrene cup as easily as crushing an empty can.
    • four Wrist options such as quick Disconnect, Multi-Flex, Flexion and short Wrist.

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    Lower limb orthotics are external devices which are connected or applied to a lower limb to enhance function by providing support, controlling movement, reducing pain, correcting deformities and stopping the development of deformities. At Rebuilt, our aim is to provide you with the excellent lower limb orthosis that could help you restore functionality for your legs.

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    • Above Knee prosthesis • under Knee prosthesis
    • Symes prosthesis • Hip Disarticulation prosthesis

    Lower Limb for people with lower limb amputations, the primary purpose during the treatment is to allow standing, walking, running, cycling, hiking and other athletic activities, offering maximum support and retaining as much energy as possible to acquire normal life. the use of high-tech materials which include Carbon Fiber and Titanium allows us to make the prosthesis as tight as possible. The use of various artificial feet and knee joints gives a high degree of function. the modern high-tech prosthesis can provide a lot more than a simple artificial leg, with the combination of numerous components with smart features of energy storing - liberating the energy during walking and running by the use of the pneumatic, hydraulic and electronics device to control and stabilize the leg.
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